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What is competitive dance?

Competitive dance is a popular, widespread activity in which competitors perform dances in any of several permitted dance styles such as acro, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, modern, and tap before a common group of judges. Generally there are 4 mandatory competitions and 1 optional competition per year. The competitive dance industry largely consists of dance competition companies that conduct regional competitions at stops along their annual, nationwide tours. Dancers who compete at these regional competitions are usually dance students ranging in age from about five to eighteen years old. Dancers must continuously train to maintain and improve their technique, balance skills, strength and flexibility. Competitive dancing requires dedication as many months will be spent practicing skills and developing dance routines.

Dance classifications:

Competitions have different classifications for dancers. Novice, pre-competitive, and competitive which is determined by experience and hours of training.

A novice dancer is a dancer who is new to competition. A novice soloist may have competed before, but has never done a solo. Once you have done a solo in any dance genre, you can no longer be a novice soloist. A novice group must typically be about 75% novice.

A pre-competitive dancer is one who does fewer than 6 hours per week of technique classes. A pre-competitive group or line must be made up of 75% pre-competitive dancers.

A competitive dancer trains more than 6 hours of technique per week and has competed in the previous dance year.

Fees you will encounter:

Fees you will encounter:
Throughout the year, you should expect the following fees for items such as make-up, costumes, entry fees, shoes, tights and accessories. Below are the expected approximate costs (prices subject to change.)

Make-up - $30.00- $50.00
Costumes - $80.00-$170.00 per costume
Entry fees - groups- $40.00-$50.00 duet/trios- $60.00- $70.00 solos - $85.00- $95.00
Shoes - Jazz booties: $45.00-$65.00 foot paws:$40.00
Tights - $20.00-$40.00
Accessories - $60.00

Costumes, accessories and team wear:

Each dancer will be required to buy a costume for every choreography number they compete in. Some of our costumes will be purchased from a magazine which is non-custom sizing (small, medium, large). This will keep some costume fees lower. We will be having a seamstress customize the rest of our costumes! You will be required to put a $50.00 deposit on all costumes while they are getting made, the remainder to be paid when you pick them up. All costumes will be designed by your teacher. If there are any concerns regarding costumes, please speak with the director. The teachers will also consider re-using costumes from past years if it suits the dance. It is mandatory to have a rhinestone choker, earrings, and barrette or clip. Dependant on the needs of the number, you may be required to purchase a prop for your dancer. We will be having many different PDC spirit wear available to order. These will range from a t-shirt costing $20.00 (prices will vary). An article of spirit wear will be mandatory for all competitive dancers in order to go on stage for adjudications.


There are requirements that will need to be followed once you have made the competitive team.

- Each Competitive level dancer 11 and under must take one mandatory 30-45 minute ballet class.
- Each Competitive level dancer 11+ must take one mandatory 30-45 minute ballet class and one mandatory 30 minute Pre Pointe or Pointe class. (Pointe class is dependant on ability and skill level and in replacement you must take a stretch and strengthen class)
- Each Competitive level dancer must take a 30-45 minute jazz technique class with the exception of tap and hip-hop if that is your only discipline.
- Each Competitive level dancer must take one mandatory technique class for the element they are competing in (only offered in jazz, tap, and acro).
- Each Pre Competitive Dancer must take a mandatory 30-45 minute Jazz technique class with the exception of tap and hip-hop if that is your only discipline.
- Pre Competitive dancers are offered the opportunity to take a ballet technique class which is highly recommended but not mandatory.
- Each Pre Competitive level dancer competing in Acro must take a mandatory acro technique class.


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