Dance Studio for all ages

These energetic classes focus on dancers making fast and upbeat movements. This includes extensions, elevations and turns. Jazz combines fluidity, strength, coordination, flexibility and rhythm set to contemporary music in a fun enjoyable class.
Mini Jazz- ages 5-8
Junior Jazz- ages 9-11
Intermediate Jazz- ages 11, 12,13
Senior Jazz- ages 14+

The foundation for all dance forms, with emphasis placed on understanding proper placement and alignment. Ballet introduction provides dancers with the dance fundamentals that are pre-requisites for being a competitive dancer.
Mini Ballet- ages 5,6,7
PreJunior Ballet- ages 8,9
Junior Ballet- 10,11
Intermediate Ballet- ages 12,13
Senior Ballet- ages 14+

The combination of dance technique and acrobatics forms this graceful dance discipline. Acro combines dance elements with gymnastics tricks (aerials, back handsprings, walkovers, chest rolls, cartwheels, hand and elbow stands, and even contortionist moves!). Acro is a great class for anyone who wants to improve their strength and flexibility.
Mini Acro- ages 4-7
Pre Junior Acro- ages 7-8
Junior Acro- ages 9-10
Intermediate Acro- ages 11+

A fun up-beat form of dance that challenges the boundaries of technique and infuses isolations and unique body movements with high energy and funk.
Pre Junior / Junior Hip Hop- ages 8,9
Intermediate / Senior Hip Hop- ages 11+

A form of dance using a rhythmical combination of movement, sound and style. The sound is achieved by metal taps on the shoes accenting and underscoring various beats in the music. Tap is an exellent avenue to achieve arm, leg, and body coordination and to develop a sense of rhythm.
Mini Tap- ages 5,6,7
Pre Junior Tap- ages 8, 9
Junior Tap- ages 10, 11
Intermediate Tap- ages 12, 13
Senior Tap- ages 14+

A combination where jazz, ballet and modern meet to convey strength and emotional expression.
Junior lyrical/ contemporary- ages 9, 10,11
Intermediate lyrical/ contemporary- ages 12,13
Senior lyrical/ contemporary- ages 14+

A style that involves the expression of a story through dance with lip-syncing. Facial and body expression is vital to this expressive form of dance.
Pre Junior Musical theater- ages 8,9
Junior Musical theater- ages 10,11
Intermediate Musical theater- ages 12,13
Senior Musical theater- ages 14+

Combine 3 different types of dance. Ballet, Jazz and Acro.
Mini Combo class- ages 4,5,6 Acro Combo class- ages 3-5

An introduction to music, movement, and the joy of dance! The pre dance program is designed to introduce the students to the study of dance movement. Emphasis is placed on motor coordination, basic body placement, and music awareness.
Munchkin pre dance- ages 2.5, 3


1540 Fanshawe Park Road West
Unit 8
London, Ontario
Tel: 519-615-3767

1540 Fanshawe Park Road West
Unit 8
London, Ontario
Tel: 519-615-3767